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Scholarship Sponsors

Mrs. Idell W. Snowden & Family

In Honor of

Deacon Clarence Snowden

Mrs. Pearl Payne & Family

In Honor of

Deacon L. A. Payne

Mrs. L. Albertha Johnson & Family

In Honor of

Deacon Melvin Johnson

Mrs. Joyce N. Joyner

In Honor of

Deacon Merton Sterling

Mr. Christopher Paige & Family

In Honor of

Deacon Lemias Paige

Mrs. Ronald E Mock

In Honor of

Deacon Zeno Taylor

Mrs. Ethel Lee Wright

In Honor of

Deacon Edward Wright

Mrs. Grace Baptiste

In Honor of

Deacon Ananis Willis

Ms. Annette Johnson

In Honor of

Deacon William Lewis


The First Baptist Church Scholarship Fund was formed on May 15, 2007 for the purpose of creating a college scholarship for graduating high school seniors. The primary focus of this fund was and is to motivate young applicants to continue their educational training.  The committee was chaired by Mrs. Idell W. Snowden, a former member of First Baptist Church North Street, and currently a member of Asbury Methodist Church of Natchitoches, Louisiana. Other committee members from the F. B.C.N.S. are Mrs. Eunice Foster, Mr. Terry Calhoun, Mr. Breland Johnson, and Mr. Oswald Taylor.  It was agreed that  the scholarship amount be $500.00 for the first semester of school and that each student submit an application to the committee for approval. Application can be requested from the church office.

Spiritual Insight

Through receiving spiritual insight from God, the deceased deacons' wives decided to honor their deceased husbands by making donations throughout the year to assist the funding of the scholarship program. Some of these wives are educators who are very concerned with today's youth. Members, as well as the youth, are asked to donate monthly towards this project.  

Meeting Schedule

Committee members meet the first Tuesday in each month when there is business to conduct.  We ask for your continued prayers as we continue to serve our youth.

Scholarship Fund Requirements

The requirements for high school graduates and technical institution candidates are:

High School Requirements:

College or Technical Institution Requirements:

If you are interested in making a donation to the scholarship fund, please send and make check payable to:

First Baptist Church,

201 North Street

Natchitoches, LA 71457

Attn:  Scholarship Fund

Rev. G. Stanley Lewis Scholarship

The First Baptist Church (North Street) Scholarship Has Been Renamed to the

Rev. G. Stanley Lewis Scholarship as of September 22, 2013

Rev. G. Stanley Lewis Scholarship Ceremonial Photos


1.  Whitney Chantell Johnson (2007)

2.  Terrius Washington(2009)

3.  Jordan Tatum(2009)

4.  Genevolyn Ceaser(2009)

5.  Ebony Roberson(2011)

6.  Courtney Johnson(2012)

7.  Katilyn Oliphant(2013)


All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Past recipients of the G. Stanley Lewis Scholarship (formerly named the First Baptist Church-North Street Scholarship) are members: Jordan Tatum(2009), Katilyn Oliphant(2013), Whitney Johnson-Wallace(2007) and Courtney Johnson(2012). Not pictured are Genevolyn Ceaser(2009), Terrius Washington(2009) and Ebony Roberson(2011).

The family of the late Rev. G. Stanley Lewis received a plaque in his honor to rename the First Baptist Church (North Street) Scholarship to the Rev. G. Stanley Lewis Scholarship. Pictured l-r: Yolande Lewis, Mrs. Edwina Lewis, Renee` Lewis and Kevin Lewis, Sr.

Mrs. Edwina Lewis received a plaque in the honor of her late husband Rev. G. Stanley Lewis. The plaque stated that the First Baptist Church (North Street) Scholarship was to be renamed to the Rev. G. Stanley Lewis Scholarship. Pictured l-r-: Mrs. Lewis and Rev. Dr. M. C. Herndon, Sr., Pastor of the First Baptist Church (North Street).

The Rev. G. Stanley Lewis Scholarship of the First Baptist Church (North Street) was established by a committee of diligent members. The committee took great pride in offering the graduating high school seniors of FBC (North Street) assistance in pursuing higher education. Mrs. Alberta Johnson, Mrs. Pearl Payne and Mrs. Idell Snowden were the scholarships first committee. The FBC (North Street) presented the ladies with a plaque of appreciation for their diligent work.